Our mission at Olive Knolls is helping people follow Jesus, living in worship, community, and service. 

We believe that individuals will grow better in their relationship with the Lord if they are connected to a group of people. Our goal is to help everyone get connected with others in a smaller group who are in the same stage of life where they will be encouraged to live out the truths they discover in the Bible and develop meaningful, authentic, life-transforming relationships.

Most Olive Knolls LifeGroups meet in homes usually once a week for about an hour and a half. They do various activities together: Bible Study, sharing meals, serving in the community, holding each other accountable, praying for each other. And we encourage families to go together so that your children are learning along with you and developing life-long friendships.

How can you connect with a group? Email Donna Alsop at or call 661.399.3303.