21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

21 Days of Fasting and Prayer
Sunday, January 05, 2020 - Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ways to Fast

NOTE: Please be sure to seek the Lord’s guidance regarding your fast. Ask questions of those who have fasted. Choose a fast not because it is easy to accomplish but because it will require sacrifice. This should be about eliminating the distractions which keep you from getting close to God. Let us feast on His Word and Presence together.

The Bible really only gives us one example of fasting while seeking the Lord in prayer, and that is, of course, food. However, we see a couple of different ways of fasting food:

  • Daniel Fast: Traditional: raw fruits, vegetables, grains, and liquid
  • Complete Food Fast: No solid food at all. Some people will only drink clear liquids. Some will include broths and protein or fruit/vegetable shakes. NOTE: If you are led to do a total food fast, be sure to drink a lot of water.
  • Meal Fasts: This could include fasting one or two meals a day.
  • Fasting types of food: Meats, refined sugar, caffeine, etc.

 Other fasting ideas:

  • Complete Media Fast: All non-essential electronics, computers, social media, gaming systems, TV, radio, tablets, phone apps, etc. You will be surprised just how much time is available to spend with Jesus when these are eliminated from your day. IDEA: If you fasted one of these last year, consider doing again—only add something else such as sugar, caffeine, comfort food, etc.
  • Hobbies and other regular activities that tend to take up a lot of time and energy

 Accountability and encouragement is important.  When you are lead to fast, tell someone. If you “mess up” and break the fast, start again, don’t be discouraged. God will be with you! Our focus should be on spending time with God, not what we are giving up. Have a clear target as your prayer focus. In other words, what breakthrough are seeking? Take time to be in God’s Word as you pray. Expect to be extra sensitive to the movement of God in your life as your senses become more aware of His presence.

We will break the fast on January 26 at a brunch following the morning service.

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